Maltese Couple Killed In Car Crash While On Holiday In Australia

Doreen and Lorry Pulis were in Australia to attend a wedding of one of their friend's children

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A holiday to Australia ended up in tragedy for Maltese couple Doreen and Lorry Pulis after they were killed in a car crash, state broadcaster TVM reported.

Lorry, 57, and Doreen, 58, had travelled to Australia last week to attend a wedding of one of their friend’s children. However, they were killed this morning when the car they were travelling in was involved in a head-on crash with a truck in Campbelltown, Sydney.

The car’s 74-year-old driver, Doreen Pulis’ brother, was also killed but two other passengers managed to survive.

New South Wales Ambulance inspector Stephen Fulton said paramedics arrived on site to find a distressing scene. 

"It was a confronting incident, the vehicles were badly damaged, there was debris everywhere and there were a number of distressed bystanders," he said. "We've had one of our ambulance chaplains assist with the incident, to ensure there is support available to members of the public and our paramedics at this time.

Rest in peace

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