Maltese Customer Threatens To Sue Sliema Outlet After Fat-Shaming Comments

He was allegedly told they only serve 'slim, good looking guys'

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Noel Calleja went for a browse through Sliema's shopping centre at The Point on Saturday morning, and decided to check out some shirts in Pull&Bear he saw advertised in his size online. According Calleja, it all kicked off after he entered the store and asked salesman if they had a particular shirt in his size; a size large.

According to Calleja, the salesman then said, with an 'intentionally high enough volume' for all in the store to hear: "We only cater for good looking, slim guys."

Noel, clearly distraught after the ordeal, reported the inappropriate comment to the 44,000 strong on Are You Being Served? (Malta) - one of the island's top consumer report pages. 

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Comments flooded in with many different reactions to the whole thing.

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Lovin Malta reached out to Pull&Bear, now in the midst of a heated scandal, and representatives from the Sliema branch stated that they are "gobsmacked this story is newsworthy". When asked if the salesperson had been sacked, they responded with a simple "We don't really want to comment on that."

"This is not the way things are done on our island," Noel Calleja told Lovin Malta. He then stated that Pull&Bear had essentially brushed the matter off with an impersonal, almost pre-scripted email from their Spanish headquarters, and was ignored entirely by manufacturers BigBon.

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After these attempts were again pushed aside, Calleja started considering taking legal action, confirming that he had recordings to present as legitimate evidence in his forthcoming case against Pull&Bear (which he was advised not to release prior to his day in court).

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