Maltese Developers Ready To Take Over Sicily After 'Overwhelming' Meeting In Syracuse And Ragusa

The delegation was headed by Sandro Chetcuti


"Overwhelmed" by the welcome received in Sicily, the Malta Developers Association (MDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sicilian construction lobbyists that will see the two neighbouring islands working more closely together in the near future.

This agreement has been described as one that "puts the interests of entrepreneurs at the forefront" and encourages Sicilian supplies to work with local developers.

The meetings, which took place in Syracuse and Ragusa, were spearheaded by Sandro Chetcuti, the MDA's President, and also included Chris Agius (Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market) and Clifton Grima (Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations).

“We are laying the path to promote better networking opportunities with our Sicilian counterparts," said Chetcuti. "From here, we will continue to take these opportunities beyond Sicily to other neighbouring countries.”

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