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Maltese Frontliner Shows Grim Reality Of Working At A Testing Centre After Being Told To Hurry Up With Swab

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A Maltese frontliner posted a photo of himself after spending two hours in full personal protective equipment in response to someone telling him to hurry up during a swab test.

Thomas Grixti, a frontliner working in a swabbing centre, wrote a post on his Facebook to address a person who rushed him while conducting a test.

He posted a photo of himself in his scrubs, which were dripping in sweat due to the heat.

“If your grey matter can even remotely fathom the sheer stress and responsibility of carrying out these tests in such sweat-dripping heat whilst adhering to infection control protocols, then maybe there is a hint of empathy still left in you,” he wrote.

He indicated that the photo was taken after spending two hours in full personal protective equipment (PPE), and would have to spend another six in the same conditions.

“Be vigilant, and respect those people sweating their guts out just so you can go to the beach and bake your banana bread with your mind at ease,” he remarked.

A large number of swabbing tests are currently underway amidst a sudden increase in COVID-19 cases. This has resulted in long waiting lists to book a test, with some waiting 53 minutes on call with 111 before any acknowledgement.

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