Maltese Government Wants To Know What You Think About Sale Of Citizenship Scheme

Government considers scrapping 1,800 person limit on Maltese passport buyers

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Ever wanted to give the government your two cents on the sale-of-Maltese-citizenship scheme? If so, then now is your chance. With the Individual Investor Programme fast approaching its cap of 1,800 citizens, Identity Malta plans to renew the scheme and is asking the public for advice on how to improve it.

Survey questions posed to the public include whether the citizen cap should be scrapped entirely and whether Identity Malta should offer more services to woo rich foreigners to Malta. 

“Every comment and recommendation on how to improve the programme and raise standards in the industry will be taken into consideration,” parliamentary secretary for reforms Julia Farrugia pledged.

The IIP has so far attracted several big names seeking European citizenship, including wealthy Russians such as Arkady Volozh, owner of Russia’s largest search engine Yandex, Alexey De-Monderik, co-founder of major cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, and Alexander Mechatin, CEO of Russia’s largest private spirits company Beluga Group. 

According to a Bloomberg report, wealthy Russian businessmen are purchasing Maltese citizenship as an insurance policy in case things go belly up between themselves and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Do you agree with Malta's cash-for-citizenship scheme?

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