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Maltese Law Students Frustrated After Failing To Receive Dissertation Results

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A group of law student societies have expressed their concern over the fact that a large number of dissertation results have yet to be published.

The student groups, namely ELSA, GħSL and JCA, claim that the Faculty is breaching University Regulations, with results meant to be published by no later than 5th August, which was initially extended from 31st July.

“Any issue of understaffing within the Faculty or lack of communication between the Faculty and examiners should not have a direct and negative impact on students as well as resulting in the overdue publication of their results with no form of compensation being given,” they wrote.

The groups also noted that the results of a “significant number” of study units were published after the extended deadline.

In light of these circumstances the organisations are calling on the Faculty of Laws to publish overdue dissertation results and extend the resit session dates due to the delay.

“While we trust that this issue is resolved swiftly, we would like to also push for future reassurances in order to avoid a similar situation from happening again. We are requesting that the faculty clearly stipulate any mechanisms which should be in place for Heads of Department and lecturers which either do not adhere to certain deadlines or worse even, do not respond to their faculty superiors,” they wrote.

Have you received your academic results?

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