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Maltese Man Accused Of Transphobic Attack At Bus Stop In Msida

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A Maltese transgender woman spoke out yesterday online about how she was attacked with no instigation while at the Kullegg bus stop in Msida – a popular bus stop frequented by many everyday.

For safety reasons, both the victim and accused have been kept anonymous.

The accused man reportedly approached the woman who had ordered two cheese cakes from pastizzeria at the bus stop. The man was then said to have told the woman to “go for the sausage roll,” as it would “suit” her “more” and then finished by referring to the woman as a “fucking pufta”.

The accused then proceeded to physically attack the woman, pulling her hair when she had stood her ground.

The Malta Gay Rights Movement made a further statement online, condemning the act of hate saying, “It is unacceptable that in this day and age, now that everyone is aware of the realities of the LGBTIQ+, and in this case, trans people, we still come across shameless acts of abuse in broad daylight, right in front of everybody”.

The woman’s Facebook post lamented, “Welcome to Malta and the so called gay rights – I’m ashamed to be Maltese”.

Police have been questioned to find out if an investigation is underway or if the case was even reported by the victim. At the time of writing, Lovin Malta is yet to receive a response.

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