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Maltese Mother Puts Out Call For Her Missing Rings Lost While Giving Birth In Mater Dei

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A Maltese mother has put out a public call to any kind soul that may have picked up her two rings as she was giving birth.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Melania explained how she left her two rings in the delivery room of Mater Dei Hospital, and hoped someone had picked them up and would return them to her.

Melania went into labour abruptly and was rushed to hospital to deliver. She suffers from anxiety and was focused entirely on breathing and staying calm.

As she was prepping, Melania says she had to remove her jewellery for an emergency operation, leaving her and her fiance’ so “panicked” that she wasn’t even thinking about her rings, with their entire focus on the incoming baby.

“So the rings were left in the delivery room,” she laments. “And we were so exhausted after waking up from the operation that we didn’t start searching for them for two days.”

The couple contacted customer care at Mater Dei Hospital but didn’t make much headway, and are now turning to the public for help.

“These rings are both so sentimental to me. One was given to me by my son which I will surely not be able to replace since it was given to me three years ago and the other one is my engagement ring.”

She made it clear that she isn’t accusing anyone of stealing her rings, and had made her public call purely in the hopes that a kind soul would return them to her.

If you find the rings please contact Melania via Facebook or Lovin Malta at [email protected]  

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