Maltese Mother Reported To Police For Confronting PSCD Teacher About Sex-Ed: 'We Will Not Tolerate Cowboy Parents'

'We are supposed to be a civilised society... teachers shouldn't be blamed for what they are made to teach'


The Union of Professional Educators has reported a mother to the police after she visited her daughter’s school to confront her PSCD teacher about sexuality lessons in the syllabus.

“We have a zero tolerance for parents who go to school themselves and act the cowboy,” UPE executive head Graham Sansone. “We are supposed to be a civilised society. A parent who has a complaint about their children’s syllabus should make use of the proper channels by setting up an appointment with the head of school or writing to the Education Department."

"At the end of the day, teachers teach what the Education Department tells them to, and they shouldn’t shoulder the blame for the syllabi”

After confronting her daughter’s PSCD teacher and assistant head, the mother, a former PSCD teacher herself, uploaded a video to Facebook in which she condemned the “diabolical and filthy” sex-ed that children are being taught in Year 6.

The mother said she visited the school to find out more about the lessons after the PSCD teacher turned down her request to remove her daughter from them

She was shown an activity book which included pictures of a ‘gay superhero’ and a dialogue between a prebuscent boy and girl describing their feelings when they approach each other.

“I was shocked at what diabolical lessons, what filth, is in this book for 10-year-olds,” she said. “These children, including my daughter, have no idea what is being shown to them and us parents have absolutely no interest in them being shown these things.”

Sansone confirmed that the union had reported the mother to the police after the PSCD teacher filed a complaint, and this before the mother uploaded her viral video.

While refusing to comment on whether the subject matter of the PSCD lessons is age-appropriate or not, the union head said lessons should adapt to changing times.


A snippet of a PSCD activity book that has been circulating over social media

“Malta’s scenario has changed, and children are nowadays encountering more diverse families, and are being exposed to sexuality from a very young age,” he said. “We have to explain this to our students and make them aware of issues such as sexual harassment.”

“If the parents aren’t pleased with the context of the syllabus, then they should take it up with the Education Department.”

“There’s a whole strategy and team of experts behind every booklet issued and PSCD teachers are instructed to use them as guidelines. Thank God for that too, because if there isn’t structure, we’ll be left with the personal opinions of the teachers themselves and we’ll risk chaos.”

Cover photo, Left: The mother who complained to the PCSD teacher, Right: UPE executive head Graham Sansone

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