Maltese Museum Named As 'Top 15 Most Noteworthy' By Huge International Publication

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Top architecture and design publication Architectural Digest has named Malta's newly-opened National Museum of Fine Arts (MUŻA) as one of the 15 most-noteworthy new museums globally.

"From Seattle to Scotland, 2018 promises to be an exceptional period for architecturally significant meccas of culture"

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The museum recently moved from its old home on South Street, where it was located for over 40 years. Now, the collection can be found at Auberge D'Italie, the historic home of the Italian knights in Valletta, which has recently been renovated, and made into a completely eco-friendly gallery space ahead of Valletta's year as Capital of Culture (2018).

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The site itself falls within the area for Renzo Piano's City Gate Project, and it includes an open air theatre and a centre for creativity. 

Originally, way back in 1920, the building was also chosen as the seat of the then Valletta Museum where the national collection, including what was then known as the  fine arts section, was displayed.

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