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Maltese Waiter Forced To Cover Paola Cafe Bill After Client Dines And Dashes

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A Maltese waiter took to social media to complain about a situation he was thrown into due to a criminal client.

“I’d like to thank the woman who came and ate from our cafeteria in Paola and left without paying and I got stuck with her bill as a worker by having nearly two hours docked from my pay so her bill is covered,” the furious waiter posted online.

Dining and dashing is a problem that restaurants and cafeterias worldwide face, with some countries taking it very seriously – in the USA, you can be sentenced to up to five years in prison if the bill you dashed from was over $300.

While each restaurant needs to decide how they deal with theft in their own ways, some eateries place the onus on their staff, taking any losses from their employee’s wage.

People felt a lot of ways about this, with some condemning the woman for her callous actions while others couldn’t understand why the waiter was being forced to suffer for the woman’s actions.

“You have a really nice boss, tell him you are a waiter next time not a security person, you are not there to run after the client,” said one commentator, continuing on to say he could easily find a job in catering with another restaurant. “Don’t sell yourself short.”

“Shame on her!” said another commentator. “Nevertheless, check whether your rights have been infringed as well because it is unfair somebody else’s fault should be incurred by the worker!”

Other people suggested new procedures to ensure that diners don’t run away without paying the bill.

“As soon as the order is done and arrives on the table, the client should pay their bill… and if they order again, they pay again (since clearly there are people with no shame out here),” said one person.

“And the owner should be more ashamed than the person who left without paying. I’ve always known it as the server being the one who has to pay in these cases but this needs to end as people work so that they can live… especially if the waiter is a student.”

Do you think the waiter’s rights were infringed or should he be responsible to cover the loss?

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