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Maltese Woman’s Beloved Cat Gets Unorthodox Send-Off

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Pets are often said to be part of the family, but a Maltese woman has taken this adage a step further, giving her cat a truly human funeral. 

A woman laid Cindy, her cat of 20 years, to rest in a tiny coffin with roses and lace and tied a bow around the cat’s neck. 

“These are the last photos I will ever take, this is the last time I will ever see you, this is the last time I can hug you can this is the last time I can kiss you,” she said in a post in RUBS Puppy Love – a Facebook group for animal lovers. “After this, you will be gone forever but you will always be in a special place in my heart.”

The post spurred an outpour of comments from fellow pet owners and lovers, with many saying they were brought to tears by the woman’s post and praising her idea to have a coffin.


And the emotional comments poured in…


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Would you give your cat a funeral like this? Let us know in the comments’ section. 

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