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Man Calls Out Fake News Of State Broadcaster After Claims He Was ‘Apprehended’ By Malta’s Police

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Emanuele Rebora, an Italian man living in Malta, has called out State broadcaster TVM for fake news after an article erroneously claiming that he had been “apprehended” by police and had skipped out on a court sitting. 

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Rebora explained that he was never a fugitive on the run for police, explaining that a small error on his ID card meant that they were not able to locate him for particular documents. Rebora was placed on a police list of wanted persons in the country and his name was plastered over a number of media platforms, including the state broadcaster.

After initial news reports, Rebora quickly contacted his lawyer and went to the police headquarters to address the issue, providing them with the necessary documentation. The police, Rebora said, apologised extensively for any problems caused. 

About 20 minutes after he left, a statement was sent out by police claiming that police were no longer looking for Rebora due to the public’s help. However, Rebora said that he went to the police completely voluntarily and that the public did not play any role in the issue. 

The claim was reproduced on the state broadcaster, whose English language platform claimed Rebora had been “apprehended”. 

He explained to Lovin Malta that this was not the case and he is not under investigation for a major crime, but rather breaching COVID-19 protocols. 

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Julian is the Editor at Lovin Malta with a particular interest in politics, the environment, social issues, and human interest stories.

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