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Man Caught Trying To Rob Environment Ministry Says He Was Just Trying To Grab Some Pomegranates

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A 21-year-old from Ħal Luqa who was arrested by police for breaking into the Environment Ministry has said he was just trying to get his hands on some fresh pomegranates.

The ministry is located in Santa Venera and is known to have some beautiful and fresh fruit-bearing trees, and the Luqa man just couldn’t resist them, apparently. A ministry security official told ONE News how he was on shift when he saw someone jump across and enter the building.

The security official called the police who sent some local officers as well as members of the Rapid Intervention Unit.

They entered the building and found the man, and promptly arrested him.

It is unknown whether officers found the man in the act of pomegranate-picking – however, that’s what the man told police he was doing after he was arrested.

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia thanked the security officers for their hard work and for halting the thief from making his getaway.

The man is now set to be charged in court with entering into private property without permission.

It is unknown whether any pomegranates were harmed during the break-in.

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