Man Charged With Trapping Wife In Kalkara Cave For Three Days 'Arrested In Drug Raid'

He was at the centre of one of Malta's most shocking domestic violence cases


A man who has been charged with trapping his wife in an underground cell near Fort Rinella for three days without food has reportedly been arrested in a drug raid.

Roddy Williams was one of seven people who were arrested in a drug raid in a garage in Triq il-Mejjilla, Ħal Qormi yesterday, One News has reported.

The garage is owned by Renald Baldacchino, who was last year charged with using that same garage as a den from which to traffic cocaine and heroin. A few months later, he was also charged with kidnapping and injuring another man in that same garage.

According to One News, Baldacchino was arrested again during yesterday’s raid.

However, it is the alleged involved of Roddy Williams which is particularly eye-raising


The drug raid took place in Triq il-Mejjilla, Ħal Qormi (Photo: One News screenshot)

Williams, who hails from the Seychelles, was last year at the centre of one of the most horrific cases of domestic violence in recent years, after kidnapping his estranged wife Nathalie Williams and trapping her in a cave near Fort Rinella, Kalkara.

In her court testimony, Nathalie Williams said Roddy had called her up and threatened to kill her father and children if she didn’t meet him. They met up in Xgħajra and got into a heated argument, during which Roddy pushed her into the sea and shoved her towards a cave. Nathalie said she was scared to run away as Roddy had a history of domestic violence.

Roddy led her through a narrow tunnel and into a small, confined space that was pitch black. Natalie started screaming but Roddy told her he’s in love with her and demanded sex - a demand Nathalie initially rejected but soon gave into, fearing he would get violent. Roddy then stole money from Nathalie’s purse, returned with a candle, raped her again, and left again - this time with her mobile and cigarette lighter and the candle. This pattern repeated itself over the three-day period, with Roddy raping her four times throughout the ordeal.

He is pleading not guilty and was released on bail last year, but he has failed to turn up to a number of court sittings.

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