Man Found With Pornography Of Newborn Babies Gets Off With Suspended Sentence

He was one of seven men arrested in Malta on child pornography charges this week


The Maltese courts have let a Filipino man off with a suspended sentence after he pleaded guilty to possession of disturbing footage of newborn babies being sexually abused. 

The aromatherapist was one of seven men arrested on child pornography charges this week, after the police received a tip-off from Interpol. In court today, the man was amongst three to plead guilty to the charges and was given a two-year jail sentence suspended for four years. The police inspector who arraigned him said the person who had filmed the shocking footage had allegedly been sentenced to death in the Philippines.

One of the other two men to plead guilty, a 20-year-old Maltese student with an “acute addiction to pornography”, was given an identical sentence and placed under a three-year treatment order. The third man to plead guilty, also Maltese, was granted bail against a deposit of €800 and a personal guarantee of €3,000, pending the court’s drawing up of a pre-sentencing report against him.

The other four men have pleaded not guilty and have been remanded in custody. One of them, a Syrian plasterer, filed a request for bail today but this was promptly shot down by magistrate Audrey Demicoli. 

The names of the seven men cannot be revealed under court order. 

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