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Man Hospitalised After Falling Down St Julian’s Shaft While Trying To Access His Own Home

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A man was rescued this morning after falling into a shaft in a residential home three doors up from his house.

Police officers and members of the Civil Protection Unit were called into 88, Lapsi Street in St Julian’s at around 8am this morning with reports that someone was in trouble.

When they went on site, they discovered a man had fallen down a shaft of a property that was being renovated. The man, who said he was with two friends, had reportedly removed the security gate into the property and went in to access his own home.

Somehow, the man ended up falling down a shaft instead.

The man was rescued by officers and taken to hospital for treatment.

It is as yet unknown what nationality the man is, nor what his injuries are if any.

Police are currently emptying a well at the property in light of the man’s two friends being missing.

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