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Man Who Ran Away From Maltese Police Trying To Arrest Him Claims He Was Only Chasing His Dog 

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A man who was approached by the police with an arrest warrant after he missed a court sitting has insisted that he ran away from the police because he was chasing his dog. 

The man, 31-year-old Sean Grech, was eventually arrested by the police and appeared before magistrate Monica Vella earlier today. 

His lawyer told the court that Grech had been out walking his dog when he was approached by the police. The dog, the lawyer said, ran away at that very moment, forcing the accused to chase after it. 

The police gave chase with one suffering slight injuries after running into scaffolding installed in the area. 

The incident was recorded on the police’s bodycam with the footage shown in court. 

After seeing the footage, the court decided that it was clear that the accused was trying to run away from the police and that he needed to be chased in order to be arrested. 

He was accused of causing the police constable grievous injuries, disobeying police orders, as well as letting his dog roam around without a leash. 

He was also charged with breaching his bail conditions and recidivism. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

Bail was granted against a personal guarantee of €3,000. He was also ordered not to leave the house at night. 

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