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Meet Malta’s Everyday Heroes

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We asked our readers to nominate their everyday heroes so that one of them could win a well-deserved pampering massage at Malta’s newest eco-spa Sanya. We received some amazing nominations: from a supermum who goes out of her way to help strangers, to a stay-at-home husband who supports his wife through thick and thin, to the most inspiring of best friends. Thank you for sending in your nominations!

We’ve picked a winner at random from all the submissions we received, but we think everyone who was nominated deserves some recognition. So here they are, Malta’s everyday heroes. Show them some love and feel free to pay tribute to your own heroes in the comments below and on Facebook. 

Some nominations were not published due to particular sensitivities. 


1. Eleanor Sacco

Nominated by Chiara Sacco

My mother is my hero. She is the best woman I know and without her I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. I would like to let her know how amazing and appreciated she is and this massage would be a perfect way to show it. 


2. Mikel St John

Nominated by Lisa Schembri

Mikel is dedicating his life to save animals in need. He is a real hero and inspires many people. He really deserves all the good things in the world! I am very grateful to have people like him on this planet.


3. Ritianne Richardson

Nominated by Emily Stewart

Ritianne owns a small yoga studio in Sliema. She offers her clients so much – she’s always on-hand to listen to their problems, she’s constantly helping newcomers to the island to find jobs, friends, and relaxation. She’s a completely selfless assistant to anyone in-need. She’s the most loving person I’ve met on the island!


4. Emma McEwen

Nominated by Alexia Bannister

She is one of the best mothers there is – totally dedicating her daily life to her beautiful son Finn. She really needs this. The amount of stress / love and energy that goes into her every day life ensuring that he has the very best there is available for him is incredibly inspiring and overwhelming. 


5. Jenny Pace

Nominated by Hannah Pace

My mum Jenny is my hero because she’s in the office every morning by 6 am and is the last to leave most days too. Despite being so busy she still finds time to juggle her life around her family. And having a semi pro athlete for a daughter is no joke. Apart from the massive amounts of food and laundry she always sacrifices her weekends to support me at races. She’d my number one fan. 


6. Olivia Zerafa

Nominated by Maxine Zerafa 

My ultimate hero is my mother. Cliche, I know, but its just a fact. I am now 25, yet at every turn I look for my mums guidance and love. She is my best friend. 


7. Jo Schembri

Nominated by Tara Schembri

The modern day Mother Theresa, my mother! Between her own job, demanding husband (my father) and looking after my dog (who stayed behind when I moved into a tiny flat), she not only spends the rest of her ‘free’ time being the world’s greatest grandmother to two young boys and a super mum to my sister and I; she goes out of her way to help total strangers on a practically daily basis. 

She stops people in the street offering them lifts when she sees them walking, particularly along the from San Gwann into Swieqi, more so when they are carrying heavy Lidl bags. She has offered to do weekly shopping for old people, and become their go-to person for weekly needs. She has given people lifts to and from the airport at ungodly hours because arriving or leaving Malta in a taxi is just too long a drive to be alone. She buys water for people we pass working out in the heat in summer and warm drinks in the winter. She even carries our garbage to the end of the road to save the collectors carrying it themselves. She has washed our neighbours’ porch after a ‘xita tal-hamrija’ and gets more excited than the kids when it comes to stocking up for trick-or-treating. 


8. Naomi McMahon

Nominated by Meghan Sullivan

Regardless of difficulties my mother always does everything with kindness and compassion. She goes above and beyond in her work and family life, selflessly putting others first. She also deserves this after 35 years in the UK relocating back to Malta, entering a new field of work for the first time… and despite all the obstacles she faced this past year she got through them all with a smile. Truly my hero!


9. Chanelle Piscopo

Nominated by Paula Frigova

Chantelle is a lovely friend, my soul sister. She also works at a police station for Malta’s society, but everything she does is with a smile. She is a loving person, friendly, amazing listener, always ready to help, to share, to live fully without regrets…she is inspiring.


10. Steve Cassar

Nominated by Melanie Cassar Darmanin

My husband is absolutely amazing. In this patriarchal society he spent three months with our daughter as a full-time dad and then went out on reduced hours (even though he loves his job) just so our daughter would be raised by us as much as possible. This has entailed huge sacrifice on his part. He put his studies on hold for us. He is also my rock and my support. He has been with me through sickness, both mine and my family’s. He is my best friend, and my soul mate. He takes care of the majority of the housework as I work very long hours and always ensures that I get to spend quality time with our daughter when I get home. He is simply amazing.


11. Pira Fenech

Nominated by Vanessa Coleiro

She’s been relentless in lovingly nursing her young son who is very sick and at Mater Dei for quite a while now. She is forever positive, inspiring and motivating to those that follow her beautiful posts on Facebook.  


12. Fiona Caruana Carabez

Katrina Grech Mallia

My mum works so much for us everyday and rarely gets time to relax and have the time to herself. Be it us (3 children) or our naughty dog, she never stops running around the house doing chores and also going to work. 

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So there you have it – just some of Malta’s everyday heroes who make life better for the people around them. The randomly selected winner of out Local Hero competition will be contacted privately. Meanwhile, we would like to thank our readers for their nominations, and our heroes for being so awesome!

Do you know a local hero who’s making people’s lives that little bit easier? Tell us about them in the comments section or email us on [email protected]

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