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Meet The Bosses! Listen To Life Lessons From Malta’s CEOs And Business Leaders

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Over the last few months, Lovin Malta spoke to some of the country’s top CEOs and business leaders in an exclusive series, ‘Meet The Boss’

Meet The Boss is a Lovin Malta series where we sit down with the island’s very best business minds to share their tips and vision for the country.

It’s an awesome space for CEOs and industry leaders to provide unique insight beyond the business world as they reflect back on their mistakes, successes, and life lessons.

Now, we’re gearing up for season 2 to meet the best that the country has to offer in the business world!

To feature on the show, get in touch with Lovin Malta to enquire about sponsorships and opportunities!

With 10 episodes of illuminating conversation and advice to shift through, here are the amazing business figures who featured in the first season!

1. Sebastian Ripard: TXF-tech partners for Bolt

Meet The Boss: Sebastian Ripard, TXF Tech CEO

Introducing Meet The Boss, where we take a look at some of the minds behind Malta's biggest brands and companies 👤🇲🇹For our first episode we meet Seb Ripard, CEO of TXF Tech – the partners for Bolt in Malta, Tunisia and Cyprus 🚗

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, November 5, 2020

The CEO behind the company which has disrupted the island’s taxi and food delivery market gave people an insight into his mind and some of the mental secrets behind his success.
“I think everything is a balance; having more of one thing means having less of another. I think it’s about these daily routines and habit building, how to build up those habits that give you the energy you need to keep you within that bigger objective in that phase of your life.”

2. Christian Vassallo: Vassallo Group



Meet The Boss: Chris Vassallo, Vassallo Group Director

Meet The Boss Episode 2 is here. This time we've met with Chris Vassallo, Director at Vassallo Group. We take a look at some of the minds behind Malta's biggest brands and companies 👤🇲🇹

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, November 12, 2020

Vassallo is the seasoned Director of Vassallo Group, a family-run business empire involved in countless ventures, from catering to construction, hospitality, property and energy to mention a few. But despite the impressive resume, Vassallo showed how he follows humble lessons: learn from your failures, focus on your own journey and treat your team like a family.

3.Dean Micallef: Firstbridge

Meet The Boss: Dean Micallef, Firstbridge Managing Director

What makes an ideal startup? What's it like leading a team? 🤔👥 On the newest episode of Meet The Boss, we meet Dean Micallef, Firstbridge Managing Director 💼

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, December 17, 2020

Described by his peers as a ‘modern accountant’, Dean Micallef manages the financial services at Firstbridge with a mantra that change must be embraced.

With a tech-first mentality and a desire to never let himself slip into a state of inertia, Dean has led his company for the past 6 years, seeing it grow from a startup to a market leader.

“A lot of people place too much emphasis on luck,” he said. “I think people look at successful people and say they’re probably lucky, they got a lucky break. Luck will always feature in everything in life but I don’t think it has as big an impact as people make it out to be.”

4.Dana Farrugia: Tech.mt

Meet The Boss: Dana Farrugia, Tech.mt CEO

Why are we afraid of taking risks? Are there any bad decisions? 🤔🤝For the third episode of Meet The Boss, we asked these questions and more to Tech.mt CEO Dana Farrugia 💼

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, November 19, 2020

Dana Farrugia is breaking the mould. After a long career in the telecoms industry and the Ministry for the Economy, she now serves as the CEO of Tech.mt, a partnership between the Maltese government and the Chamber of Commerce to promote the national strategy for technology and innovation.

With an emphasis on emerging technology like blockchain, AI, IOT, cloud services and data analytics, Dana probably knows more than most about what the future will look like and she shared some of that advice.

5. Kari Pisani

Meet The Boss: Kari Pisani

What makes a good leader? What is the biggest myth surrounding business success? 🤔💼 On episode 4 of Meet The Boss, we meet financial services consultant Kari Pisani 🗣

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, November 26, 2020

Stay foolish and hungry: that’s the life motto that Maltese consulting firm boss Kari Pisani swears by.

And it seems to have worked out – Pisani is a valuable and lucrative mind in the industry. The non-executive director of a handful of high-flying financial companies and an investor, Pisani is a self-declared student of life.

6. Liana Cremona: GoTo Malta

Meet The Boss: Liana Cremona, GoTo Malta COO

"I'm the one who will break away from the crowd" 🗣From overcoming hurdles to making hard choices, on the latest episode of Meet The Boss, we're hearing from the COO of GoTo Malta, Liana Cremona 🤝💼

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, December 3, 2020

As part of the senior team of GoTo Malta, Liana Cremona COO and the company have disrupted Malta’s car rental industry, giving people a wider choice for transport in such a hectic country like this. Between electric scooters, one-way rides or roundtrips, GoTo offer solutions for practically everyone looking for an alternative.

7. Sigmund Mifsud: Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Meet The Boss: Sigmund Mifsud, MPO Chairperson & CEO

Melding music and the workspace! 🤝🎻 On the latest episode of Meet The Boss, we meet the Chairperson and CEO of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Sigmund Mifsud 💼

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, December 10, 2020

From a full-time trumpeter to the person leading the Maltese national orchestra, it’s been quite a journey to the top for Sigmund Mifsud.

Since taking charge of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Mifsud has taken the MPO to new heights as the orchestra performed at some of the world’s largest concert halls.

And he’s lent us some nuggets of advice, not only about leading an orchestra but leading a business in general.

8. Kevin Buttigieg: RE/MAX

Meet The Boss: Kevin Buttigieg, Chairman RE/MAX Malta

In the eighth and newest episode of Meet The Boss, we meet Kevin Buttigieg, RE/MAX Malta Chairman.🏡

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, December 24, 2020

Malta’s property market has grown immensely with the influx of tourists, expats and a peaking economy – and Kevin Buttigieg has been a part of that rise.

The man has been a pioneer in the property business since 1995 and has established himself as the Chairman of one of the most successful real estate agencies in the country, RE/MAX.

9. Chris Mifsud: MPS

Meet The Boss: Chris Mifsud, MPS

What does it mean to be successful, and what does it take to get there? 🤔 💼In this episode of Meet The Boss, we sat down with MPS Marketing Communications Executive Director Chris Mifsud to find out more.

Posted by Lovin Malta on Thursday, December 31, 2020

Chris Mifsud is known for his work at one of Malta’s most established marketing agencies, MPS Ltd, and as the founding investor and strategist for success stories like ANCHOVY plc, Keepmeposted and iCity Malta, not to mention his position as CEO and co-founder of Ryde Technologies Ltd.

If you ask Mifsud for his two cents on business it’s to understand chance, keep your ego in check… and always make sure you’re the stupidest person in the room.

10. Anton Azzopardi: ADD

Meet The Boss: Anton Azzopardi, ADD+ Partner

Here's the final episode of our first season of Meet The Boss! In this episode we sat down with ADD – Accurate Direction Delivered Partner, Anton Azzopardi to find out what being a boss means to him, as he uses his gut as his compass. 👔 ⭐️Let us know if you enjoyed the series in the comments below. ⌨️

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, January 8, 2021

Anton Azzopardi is a founding partner of ADD Professional Services specialising in tax, payroll, advisory and corporative services for ADD+. He’s got plenty of experience in taxation, domestic legislation as well as dealing with heavyweight portfolios of local and international clients.

“Someone once told me to make your employees fear you and I always found that strange,” he said, asked about the worst advice he ever received.

“I never wanted to be that kind of person. I’m the complete opposite. I try to treat my employees as a family member- we’ve got a very close-knit environment.”

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