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Mellieħa Mayor Calls For Increased Security After Several Cars Fall Into Ċirkewwa Sea

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The mayor of Mellieħa has called for security and safety at the Ċirkewwa terminal after a number of vehicles ended up in the sea there.

At least three vehicles fell into the sea around the terminal over the last few months, with at least one of them being caught on film after the driver was able to escape in time.

With the area known to suffer from strong waves that can move cars, and parts of the terminal without barriers of any sort, it is becoming more and more common for vehicles to be at risk.

“As a council, we grow concerned whenever we hear about incidents like this. We thank God that no one was injured,” Vella told Lovin Malta.

“When it comes to that area where the incidents happened, we’ve reached out to the concerned authorities to increase the security in the area,” he continued, noting that the responsibility falls under Transport Malta.

A video taken by a driver who escaped from her car in time shows just how dangerous the area can be under the right conditions. 

Ahead of any new barriers or measures implemented in the terminal, Vella has appealed to drivers to be extra cautious when leaving their vehicle at the terminal.

“People must pay attention when leaving their vehicles there, especially when it’s bad weather with strong gales,” he ended.

Do you think anything needs to be done to beef up safety at the Ċirkewwa terminal?

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