MEP David Casa Will Only Take A Drugs Test If Labour Parliamentary Group Agrees To Do The Same

His statements were made in reaction to a Sunday paper's story that he'd buy over €600 of cocaine in a night

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Nationalist MEP David Casa has denied claims that he had a serious cocaine habit from 2009 to 2017.

Originally claimed by a former aide and published by MaltaToday, the statements detailed how Casa would consume and share upwards of €600 worth of cocaine on the weekend while surrounded by friends and other aides.

Asked by Lovin Malta whether he would commit to taking a drug test, Casa's spokesperson said: "Not only will MEP David Casa submit himself to a drug test but he will also commit to regular drug tests - the moment the Labour Party parliamentary group agree to do the same."

Casa's staff have also rushed to his defence, calling the claims "disgusting" and reaffirming their experience working in his office has always been an "ethical, exemplary and professional" one.

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In his statement the former aide refers to himself as a whistleblower, and lists the hotels Casa would stay at while while doing the drugs. He also details how on nights like this, Casa would reportedly become "talkative and hyper" while "smoking endless cigarettes and consuming a lot of alcohol".

He also claimed Casa missed several political events because of this alleged drug-abuse problem.

The MEP himself has called these allegations "obscene" and also made claims about the aide in question, saying he had a gambling problem.

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