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Most Of Today’s 55 New COVID-19 Cases Are Unvaccinated Foreign Language Students In Malta

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Unvaccinated young foreign language students are behind today’s sudden spike in COVID-19 cases.

From the 55 new cases found in Malta over the last 24 hours, 50 are totally unvaccinated. The majority of these 50 are language students.

Of the remaining five, three are fully vaccinated. The remaining two individuals have each received their first dose of the vaccine, informed sources told Lovin Malta.

Unvaccinated individuals were able to travel to Malta by showing a negative PCR test. Many are coming from countries placed on Malta’s Amber List, and may have contracted the virus in their home country or locally.

None of today’s cases are considered serious.

Malta’s government is set to begin offering vaccinations to long-term foreign language students residing in Malta.

What do you make of this new development?

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