Mother Of Baby Abandoned In Buġibba Identified As A Maltese Woman

The baby was found on a doorstep with its umbilical cord still attached to him

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Google Street view of Triq il-Korp tal-Pijunieri, Buġibba

The mother of a baby who was abandoned on the porch of a block of apartments in Buġibba last Friday has been identified by police as a Maltese national.

“Investigations have confirmed that the mother was Maltese,” the police said in a statement. “The police have identified her and are speaking to her.”

No mention was made of the newborn baby’s father.

The baby, who has since been named Cristiano, was found on the porch of a block of apartments in Triq il-Korp tal-Pijunieri, Buġibba last Friday with its umbilical cord still attached. He is currently in the custody of state welfare agency Appoġġ and is reportedly in good health.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today urged people not to judge the baby’s parents for abandoning their baby, noting that the situation that led them to do so remains unknown.

He also criticised people who directed their anger solely at the mother, and not at the father, arguing that this was a result of Malta’s “masculinist” mentality.

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