Mount Carmel Carer Who Exposed Dangerous Conditions Gets Sudden Transfer From Hospital

A patient had broken down a door in an attempt to attack the carer

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A Mount Carmel carer has been transferred from the mental health hospital after she took a photo of a door an aggressive patient had smashed down in an attempt to attack her. 

The incident took place last week in Ward 8B, which houses male patients recovering from severe drug addictions. Hospital sources told Lovin Malta that staff have long been urging the hospital management to hire a security guard to monitor the ward, but their pleas have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Last week, an aggressive patient chased a carer and smashed down the door of a room she had run into. Hospital sources told this website the carer was fired for breaching confidentiality rules after a photo of the broken-down door ended up on her boyfriend’s Facebook wall.


This photo is believed to have cost a Mount Carmel carer her job

Another dangerous incident took place in Ward 8B yesterday, this time a fight between patients. Informed sources told this website that the fight involved a patient who was acting aggressively but who had to remain in the same ward as the other drug addict patients because the seclusion ward was packed to the brim. As the fight escalated, one of the patients smashed open the door separating the ward from an anteroom, and patients started escaping their ward. 

At around the same time, a patient was reported missing from Ward 8B, which led some staff to believe he had managed to escape during the confusion of the fight. However, it later transpired he had ran away from a carer after she escorted him to a bank in Ħamrun to cash a cheque. 

Ward 8B hit the news last year after patients and staff flagged the horrendous state of affairs there. Back then, the ward also housed female drug addicts but they were later moved to a ward for female geriatric patients who were then transferred to other wards.

Questions to the hospital’s management remain unanswered as of the time of writing. 

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