Nas Daily Tells Labour: ’Don’t Use My Slogan For Your Mass Meeting’

"No political party can claim my slogan"

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Popular Facebook vlogger Nas Daily has denounced the Labour Party’s appropriation of his T-shirt slogan for its upcoming mass meeting on 1st May. 

Labour’s T-shirts, based on Nas Daily’s ’32% Life’ logo, read ‘100% positive’, ‘100% L-Aqwa Zmien’, ‘100% Equality’ and ‘100% Surplus’.

However, Nas Daily - who is currently in Australia - said he disagrees with the stunt. 

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“I don’t like this,” he said. “No one party can claim this slogan and certainly no political party can claim Nas Daily.” 

The vlogger proved a massive hit in his recent two-week sojourn in Malta, meeting President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and even inspiring the Malta Tourism Authority to change the national tourism slogan to “Oh My Malta”. 

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