Nationalist Leader Adrian Delia Pledges To Sue Lovin Malta After Story Quoting PN Insiders

Opposition leader is currently facing internal backlash over domestic abuse allegations

Adrian Delia 1

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has said he will sue Lovin Malta for libel over an article published yesterday which sought the reaction of several PN insiders following domestic violence accusations made by his wife and subsequent leaks from his mobile phone.

Lovin Malta has yet to receive confirmation of this lawsuit, but an article on NET said Delia felt defamed by the article, which quoted various anonymous sources of top PN officials and MPs.

“Adrian Delia was left with no other option but to resort to the courts to clear his name from these unfounded and malicious allegations,” NET said. “Lovin Malta has been attacking Adrian Delia for months and had even predicted he will be forced to resign.”

“As a public person, Adrian Delia has always welcomed criticism, but he won’t allow anyone to tarnish his reputation or that of the Nationalist Party,” the NET report said.

Delia is being represented by lawyer Vince Galea.