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Neil Agius A Third Of The Way To Breaking World Record As He Surpasses 50km Mark

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Ultra-endurance swimmer and living legend Neil Agius is a third of the way to breaking a world record, having completed 50km of his 130km swim between Linosa and Malta. 

Agius is swimming at an average pace of 2.5km every hour, according to the latest update posted by his team. 

“The currents are starting to change and get better, but they are still essentially against him. The wind is varying north to south,” the team said.

As a result, he has been pushed slightly off course, however it is hoped that as he nears Malta, the current will turn in his favour.

Agius set off from Linosa, a small island north of Lampedusa, at around 6pm yesterday.
If successful, he will have broken the record for the longest continuous, unassisted, current neutral ocean swim, which currently stands at 124.4km.

Agius has said that he expects to complete the swim in 50 to 55 hours. He has so far swam some 50km in 23 hours.

The swimmer is being accompanied by five sailing boats and two rhibs with some 32 crew members on board.

The weather conditions have not been ideal with Agius having to make his way through metre-high waves and a strong opposing current.

His team said that during the night Agius was having to contend with some discomfort in his ankle, though he remains in good spirits and going strong.

At his current pace, Agius will arrive in Malta at some point on Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day, Agius’s team appealed to members of the public to collect six pieces of plastic as a sign of support for Agius.

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