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BREAKING: Clyde Puli Resigns As PN Secretary General

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Clyde Puli, one of the closest internal allies of Opposition leader Adrian Delia, has resigned as the PN’s secretary general.

In his resignation letter, Puli recounted how PN supporters had elected Delia as party leader in 2017 because they saw in him a hope that the party can renew itself without losing sight of its traditional values.

“Only a few politicians came forward to serve in the hour of need but the supporters, the majority of whom were disillusioned by the latest political developments, saw in you a new hope, a new person who could have retained the party’s values while moving us closer to the people who some members of our party had cut themselves off from.”

“Our supporters wanted to pollinate a tree that they believed was still essentially good. With 25 years of political experience behind me, I understood this message and humbly decided to serve under a new person who was ready to offer his life so as to give a new life to the party.”

Puli said he faced significant problems throughout his tenure as secretary general, not least of which was handling the significant debt and interest that the party had accumulated over the years.

“I had to think about repaying money for things that happened yesterday instead of thinking about how to improve the current and future situation, and this at a time when political operations have become more professional instead of amateur and voluntary as was the case in the past. Yesterday’s solutions aren’t relevant to today.”

However, Puli said he didn’t expect his challenges would also include dealing with people within the PN who continuously tried to damage Delia.

“I didn’t expect that, with every step you made, people would put spokes in your wheels so that they could then accuse you of not having done enough. This sense of entitlement of a few and the philosophy of ‘If I cannot play then I’ll destroy the game’ that some subscribe to don’t form part of my vocabulary.”

He said it is a shame that an internal report explaining the reason behind the PN’s 2013 defeat remained shelved and that another similar report wasn’t commissioned after the 2017 election by a similar margin.

Puli warned that some PN MPs, together with another “circle” of people, refused to accept his democratic election as PN leader, a result which was re-confirmed by party councillors in the wake of the 2019 MEP and local council election.

“This is despite all the fights the party, led by you, carried out for righteousness, good governance, the rule of law and, above all, for people suffering the injustices under this dirty unscrupulous government.”

“The selective and continuous leaks of parliamentary group discussions have heavily impacted the feeling of serenity, which had allowed us to discuss issues in a genuine manner in the best interests of the party. The fact that you must dedicate so much time to firefighting also takes essential time away from strategising on how to obtain a new political terrain.”

“These actions, along with the twisting of facts and malicious rumours, did nothin but help damage our great party.”

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