Breaking: Labour Party Wins Big In Malta's Snap Election

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The Labour Party has won the snap general election of June 3rd. The Naxxar counting hall erupted in cheers just over an hour after the counting began. 

The Nationalist Party's media has indicated a victory of 34,000, which would be the second biggest landslide in Malta's history.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told TVM news that his plan for the next legislature was to strengthen the good things the government did and learn from mistakes made. PN leader Simon Busuttil conceded defeat in a tweet.

Indications show a big victory for Labour which also won by a landslide four years ago in 2013.

Counting began at 10am, with party officials watching and taking samples from behind the perspex. At 11.15am the crowd erupted in cheers and fireworks were heard just outside the counting hall.

The turnout was 92%, down from 93% in 2013. 

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Chris Peregin