BREAKING: Live Streams Of Police Raid In Marsa Bar Emerge Online

24 armed police officers are on site

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Malta Today and One News went live around 2pm today as 24 armed police officers raided New Tiger Bar in Marsa. Ambulances were also called on the scene, and according to updates which were posted on the videos, the raid was carried out due to suspected activities of drug trafficking. 

One News reported that New Tiger Bar is run by a group of Somalian people, and Malta Today explained that the raid was being reported raid "because a previous swoop took place in the area a few months before that was criticised for racial profiling." 

Malta Today went on to say that although the bar is situated very close to the Marsa Open Centre, "the majority of residents here are not 'illegal' but live here under international protection by the Maltese State."

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Malta Today reported that an accident happened on the road leading to the New Tiger Bar while they were filming, but it's not yet known whether this is connected to the raid.

More information to follow.

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