BREAKING: Maltese Police Confirm Investigation Into Manhandling Of Protestors

An investigation is officially underway

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The Maltese police force have confirmed an internal investigation is underway into the conduct of police officers who forcibly removed protestors from the Planning Authority headquarters yesterday.

Asked by Lovin Malta to comment on the controversial incident, a police spokesperson confirmed an internal investigation is being carried out and said it will be imprudent to comment before it has been concluded.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has condemned the “heavy-handedness” of some police officers, while the Nationalist Party also voiced its concern.

Contacted by this website, Police Officers’ Union chief Sandro Camilleri said he agreed with Muscat’s assessment of the situation and called for an internal investigation to establish the facts.

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After the union claimed on its Facebook page that Lovin Malta's coverage of his comments was deceptive, he was contacted again for a clarification.

Camilleri said he had received a number of concerns from his union's members, who had only read the title of the article and had wrongly deduced that he had called an investigation himself rather than calling for an investigation.

“The content in the article is accurate, but the title could have been misleading and many people just read the title,” he explained.

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