UPDATE: 'Car Rampage' In Ibragg, Man Attempts To Escape Police

Pedestrians were allegedly running for their lives

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Photo: Facebook

A man has gone on a 'crashing rampage' in Ibragg according to reports that have surfaced online. Witnesses at the scene have said that a man crashed his car into several other vehicles before attempting to drive off. 

Those at the scene said that the cement pots at the side of the pavement "saved the life" of the pedestrians who ran for their lives.

Images from the scene show police have already arrived at the site. It is not yet clear whether the person driving the car has been arrested. 

The vehicle is said to have driven into Vago (a restaurant in Ibragg) first, before reversing into other cars around it. Witnesses say the whole thing sounded like several gunshots.

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Photos: Facebook

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