Breaking: PN Accuses Keith Schembri Of 'Another Textbook Case' Of Bribery And Money Laundering

The press conference is live now

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Simon Busuttil has accused the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Keith Schembri of paying Adrian Hillman (ex managing director of Times of Malta) €650,000 in a "textbook case of bribery money laundering".

In a press conference that started at 6:00pm, the Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttil explained how the payments were made through secret companies and structures. He said there was definite intention to commit a crime that could land perpetrators in jail for up to 18 years.

Meanwhile, Adrian Hillman responded to the allegations. He issued this statement: "I categorically deny that I have every received any monies from Keith Schembri or any of his companies for any work related to my role at Allied Newspaper Ltd and Progress Press Ltd. The matter has been the subject of media speculation for over a year and which has always been refuted. This matter was also the subject of an Internal Inquiry appointed by the Allied Newspaper Board, which Inquiry has been settled since nothing illegal or of a criminal nature as alleged by Simon Busuttil was uncovered. 

Any work I may have assumed during my time with the Times where never in conflict with my role as Director. All work that I have carried out, outside my role of Director have been duly invoiced and taxes paid thereon.

I will obviously be speaking to my lawyers and take all legal advice with a view of protecting my reputation from such malicious and unfounded allegations, including that of filing a complaint with the Police against Dr Busuttil for making false and calumnious allegations in my regard."