Busuttil Says Caruana Galizia's Murder Has Killed Prime Minister’s Dream For Top EU Job

'Joseph Muscat is politically finished'

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It has long been rumoured that Joseph Muscat (right) intends to replace Donald Tusk (left) as EU Council President 

Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil ripped into Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning, claiming the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has left him “politically finished” and unable to fulfill his dream of getting appointed to a top EU job.

Muscat has repeatedly pledged not to contest the next general election, and rumours have long been swirling around that his plan is to replace Donald Tusk as President of the EU Council in 2019.

“We are all partially responsible as Maltese citizens for the circumstances which led up to Daphne’s murder, but the political responsibility falls squarely on Joseph Muscat’s shoulders and he has no option other than to resign,” Busuttil said. “Joseph Muscat is politically finished, both in Malta and in Europe. He believes he will leave here in two years’ time to take over the EU Council presidency spot but if you talk to the EU now, you will see what they think of him."

"He has lost all his legitimacy and no longer deserves to be called Prime Minister because he is responsible for the political crisis and climate which paved the way for the murder.”

"Joseph Muscat is politically finished"

Simon Busuttil

Busuttil once again urged the European Commission to take action against corruption in Malta.

“I urge you not to ignore us. Corruption is a major problem here, and although we may be the smallest member state, we deserve the same attention as other member states do.”

Busuttil praised Caruana Galizia as a symbol of freedom of speech, and of the fight in favour of righteousness, decency and normality, and against corruption.

“Some people accused Daphne of dictating my political agenda, but that is far from the truth. Yes, I often felt myself on the same wavelength as far but that is because we both believed in the same values.”

Busuttil demanded the instant resignations of Attorney General Peter Grech, who he dubbed “spineless”, and police commissioner Laurence Cutajar, who he described as “incompetent and unprofessional”.
“I watched last night’s crime conference and I felt embarrassed for the commissioner. He looked so incompetent and so unprofessional that I thought I was watching a scene from a third-world country,” he said. “He is clearly nothing but a puppet of the Prime Minister.”

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The PN MP also demanded assistant commissioner Silvio Valletta recuse himself from the investigations into Caruana Galizia’s murder on the grounds that he is married to Gozo minister Justyne Caruana.

“Is it ethical for a minister’s husband to investigate Daphne’s murder? Do you have no decency at all? If, God forbid, it turns out her murder was linked to the government, do you not think doubts will seep into Silvio Valletta’s mind on how to proceed?”

Do you think Joseph Muscat should resign as a consequence of Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder?

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