Daphne’s Sister: ‘With This Government In Power, Only The Criminally Corrupt Are Safe’

'My sister was assassinated because she had exposed government corruption and crime'

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The sister of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia sent out a strong message to the public, claiming her sister was killed because she exposed corruption and crime involving government members and their associates.

“It is now clearer than ever that the reason government members and their associates are themselves not targeted is precisely because they are on the side of the criminal and the corrupt,” Corinne Vella said. “The police commissioner and Attorney General must go. And they should take the government down with them. As long as they are in power, only the criminally corrupt are safe.”

Vella hit out at home affairs minister Michael Farrugia, who today dismissed calls for the resignation of police commissioner Laurence Cutajar by pointing out how a bomb had been placed at the front door of then L-Orizzont editor Frans Ghirxi back in 2000. 

As reported by the Malta Independent, Farrugia suggested Caruana Galizia was “unlucky” because the bomb planted inside or next to her car had found its intended target.

Accusing Farrugia of trivialising her sister’s assassination, Vella said Daphne Carurna Galizia had been killed because she had exposed government corruption.

“Assassination is not a matter of luck. It is meticulously planned and executed, and it is deliberate,” she said. “When a government minister defends an incompetent police commissioner and trivialises a journalist’s assassination as mere bad luck, that puts the government on the side of the criminal and the corrupt.”

Vella’s message was read out to protestors who are camping at Castille to pressure Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to sack police commissioner Laurence Cutajar and Attorney General Peter Grech.

During the protest, protestors placed bananas on a large poster of Cutajar’s face which has been laid out on the steps of Castille - symbolising their belief Malta has turned into a banana republic.

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