Helena Dalli's Hubby Challenges Salvu Mallia To A Duel After He Calls Her A Lying B*tch

Civilised chat or fist fight?

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It reads like an old school challenge to a duel. The husband of Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli this afternoon publicly demanded a face-to-face chat with controversial PN candidate Salvu Mallia after he called Dalli a "lying bitch" on Facebook. 

Patrick Dalli wrote this on his Facebook wall this afternoon: "I've been looking for you for a week Mr Salvu Mallia to find out why you called my wife a bitch. Can we meet in Republic Street Valletta for a chat?" 

Mallia accepted the challenge, joking that he would also offer Mr Dalli a coffee. 

"Name the time," replied Dalli, to which Mallia quickly obliged: "10am in front of (Café) Cordina?"

We're not quite sure if this is happening tomorrow or Monday, but we'll try to keep you updated with the outcome.  

We're kind of hoping Salvu Mallia shows up dressed like this...

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Written By

Chris Peregin