Huge Fallen Trees Damage Several Cars In Birkirkara As Gale-Force Winds Hit The Islands

A parked police motorbike and a passing car were among those damaged

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Two huge trees in Birkirkara's Valley Road avenue snapped and were blown onto oncoming traffic this morning as strong winds continue to hit the Maltese Islands. As a result, two vehicles were damaged; a parked police motorcycle and a car which happened to be driving in the opposite direction. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The incident happened at around 10:45 this morning, with one person who witnessed the whole thing saying he considers himself lucky to still be alive. The whole road is currently closed off.

In a Facebook Live video, NET News showed the extent of the damage to the trees, which snapped from the lower part of the trunks.

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Gale-force, Grigal and Lvant winds all forecasted for the rest of the day. While the wind is predicted to reach an average of 35 km/hr, some forecasts mentioned gusts of over 50 km/hr. This puts the wind solidly in the Force 7 category.

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