Is Russia Asking Malta To Refuel Warships Heading To Syria?

Government says Russian ships will not refuel here

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An Avaaz petition is claiming that Russian warships and submarines heading for Syria could be on their way to Malta to refuel after they were denied docking by Spain

But Malta's Foreign Minister George Vella has told Times of Malta no Russia warships will be refuelled. It is unclear whether Russia has made a request that was turned down or whether the request was never made.

Entitled "Malta: Stop the Russian death fleet" and using the hashtag #Kuznetsov (the name of the Russian aircraft carrier in question), the petition calls on the government to prohibit such "outrageous" entry.

"Russia is using sophisticated heavy weapons on civilians. The Maltese people don’t want to be complicit in these war crimes. Aleppo is becoming a ‘never again’ moment like Rwanda. Malta has a responsibility to refuse any help to the Russian death fleet," the petition says.

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