John Dalli Reacts As His Daughters Are Charged With Money Laundering

He is pinning the blame on late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia


Disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli has insisted his two daughters have been charged in court for money laundering and fraud on the basis of a fake story conceived by late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia together with Giovanni Kessler, who used to head the EU’s anti-fraud agency OLAF. 

“I was the target. DCG kept up the lie that I was the owner of the companies mentioned, and Kessler followed suit,” Dalli told Lovin Malta. 

Dalli’s two daughters Louise Dalli and Claire Gauci Borda, as well as four other people, were charged in court this week with fraud and money laundering in connection with accusation they had helped run a Ponzi scheme which had scammed evangelical Christians out of millions of dollars in life savings.

The alleged Ponzi scheme, first reported by Caruana Galizia back in 2015, was run by Eloise Marie Corbin Klein - a US national who was snapped talking to John Dalli and his daughter Louisa in a villa in the Bahamas in 2012, back when Dalli was still EU health commissioner.


John Dalli is accusing late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia of conspiring against him

Caruana Galizia reported Klein had posed as a missionary and scammed elderly Christians of some $600,000 by convincing them to invest their savings into a bank account on the assumption that the money was going toward an African mining project. Instead, the money was funnelled into two Maltese companies - Tyre Ltd and Corporate Group - which are owned by Louisa Dalli and Claire Gauci Borda and which are registered their father’s Portomaso home.

However, Dalli claimed he was the victim of a frame-up by Caruana Galizia and Kessler, who he said made use of Barry Connor (the landlord of the Bahamas villa, who had told the press Dalli intends to transfer ‘large amounts’ of money to the Bahamas) and Alberto Daniel Khan (one of the original shareholders of Tyre Ltd. 

“Connors came to Malta to launder millions and Alberto Daniel Khan is a blackmailer who fled from Malta leaving a trail of debts,” Dalli said. “All this is in the hands of the police and it would be interested to see why they never took action and how they used the information.”

“These Americans were harassed and indoctrinated. Emails showing this are also in the hands of the police.”


John Dalli and his daughter Louisa with Eloise Corbin in the Bahamas

Dalli also accused Michael Brady, a representative of the scammed investors, of having sent a false report to the police which implicated himself, his daughter and Klein in the Ponzi scheme. 

“The same Michael Brady had made a statement to OLAF which I have already passed to you,” he said, referring to an email which said Dalli’s only interest in the scheme was from a philanthropic perspective.

“Mary Brady, Michaels’ wife posted a comment confirming that he did indeed send this statement to OLAF and which is diametrically opposite to the false police report he made.  She tried to imply blackmail and quoted emails she quotes were an exchanged that took place a year after he sent his statement.  These were emails – also in the hands of the police – which showed that his objective was intimidation and extortion through a media attack on me – which he did through Daphne Caruana Galizia.  It needs to be said that neither my daughters nor myself knew that he was in contact with OLAF back in August 2014.”

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