Malta's Biggest Drug Haul In History Happened Last Night

Five people have been arrested

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The Malta Police Force and members of the Anti-Drug squad last night captured Malta's biggest drug haul, arresting five people along with confiscating €100,000 euros in cash. 

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia tweeted that the Malta Police Force had had a busy night capturing Malta's biggest drug haul. It is reported that 550kg of cannabis resin, the compressed form of cannabis popular in Malta, were captured by the police last night after an operation.

The Minister said that this is the largest haul in Maltese history, larger than the 300kg haul of cocaine last March or the 446kg haul of hash related to boxer Scott Dixon in 2009.

One person is of Maltese nationality, and another two are of Italian nationality, and the police are hoping to charge these men in court in the coming days.

The money that has been confiscated is said to be connected to money laundering.

The arrests occurred on land, and not on the sea.

The drugs were found in three vehicles, two large trucks with fake floors and fake Italian licenses, and a smaller amount in a private vehicle of a Maltese man.

The private vehicle was found in a private parking in St. Julians, and the two trucks were found in a garage in Fgura. 

When asked about the possible legalisation of cannabis, they replied that "with all due respect, we have no remit or power to enter into what form any legislation takes place. If it is decided that something should be legalised, we will follow what the law says."

The police are continuing their investigation.

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