BREAKING: Malta’s Third Party Leader Resigns, Just Two Months After Making History

It's the end of the road for Marlene Farrugia

Marlene Farrugia

Democratic Party (PD) leader Marlene Farrugia has announced that she will give up her leadership role, a mere two months after making history by getting a third party elected to Parliament. 

The ‘Orange Party’ contested the last election as part of a coalition with the Opposition Nationalist Party that saw PD candidates run on the PN ticket. The strategy worked wonders for the PD, with Marlene Farrugia becoming the first third party MP to be elected to Parliament since Malta declared Independence. Her partner Godfrey Farrugia was later also elected through a casual election.

However, it appears as though 'Malta's cymbals-queen' has had enough of leading the PD and indeed will not seek re-election during the party's annual general meeting in October.

"I will continue contributing to the PD, but I won't contest for the leadership position or for any other position," she said at the end of a Facebook post promoting a social gathering at her house tonight. "Instead, I will concentrate on other challenges in my life."

"I believe that other capable people should be given the space and opportunity to help this party in the national interest so that the people can regain trust in Maltese politics." 

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