Maltese Youths Make An Official Call For A Discussion On Abortion

'Abortion shouldn't be considered a taboo subject'

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A group of Maltese youths have broken free from the confines of local politics and called for a discussion on abortion. 

Nine youths, aged 19 to 35, made this call in a paper on sexual health drafted for this year’s National Youth Parliament. 

“Abortion shouldn't be considered a taboo subject,” they wrote. “There needs to be room for discussion and consultation about the topic, seeing as several Maltese girls are getting abortions abroad or unsafe abortions in Malta.”


The youths also called on the government to ban schools from showing students ‘The Silent Scream’ - a 1984 graphic anti-abortion film commonly shown in Maltese church schools. 

“Young children are being influenced by this film’s false and graphic content, and the government should therefore ban schools and organisations from showing this film,” the youths wrote. 

From a survey conducted amongst 82 youths, the vast majority (66.5%) said they disagreed with abortion, while 33.5% said they agreed. The majority believed life starts from conception, but many also said abortions should be allowed in exceptional circumstances when the mother’s life is at risk. 

Call for sperm banks and surrogacy


Elsewhere, the group of youths also called on the government to introduce sperm banks and surrogacy so as to allow infertile people to have children. With regards sperm banks, they said both donor and recipient must be fully medically and psychologically analysed beforehand, while limits must be imposed on the amount of times people can donate their sperm and children must be told the identity of their biological father so as to avoid potential incest.


On surrogacy, they said this must be accompanied by clear specifications for both the natural mother and the intended parents, as well as birth orders assigning parentage to the child. 

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