Morning-After Pill Available In Maltese Pharmacies From Today

Around 80% of pharmacies are expected to stock them

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Pharmacies in Malta will today start selling the morning-after pill over the counter for the first time in history. Around 80% of pharmacies are expected to be stocking the pill from this week, according to Neofarma Malta which is the first licensed distributor of the pill.

"This morning we put EllaOne on the market. From next week we will have Levonelle which is a bit cheaper," Paul Camilleri told Lovin Malta.

Up until today, people who wake up after a thoughtless romp had no way of accessing the morning-after pill legally, due to fears that it was abortifacient. After a short public debate, the Medicines Authority chief Anthony Serracino Inglott said: “We looked at all the recommendations made by the parliamentary committee but have decided that to ensure that there is efficacy, the contraceptive will be made available over-the-counter."

Francesca Fenech Conti, one of the tens of women who actively campaigned for the introduction of the morning-after pill said: "Today 14th December is always going to be a historic day for women in Malta, because it signifies a milestone in women’s reproductive rights."

Singling out the lead campaigner Dr Lara Dimitrijevic, Ms Fenech Conti added: "Without her encouragement to file the Judicial Protest which was signed by 102 women way back in May, we would still only probably just be talking on Women for Women about how much we need Emergency Contraception in Malta. It’s amazing what we women can achieve when we rally together."

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