OMG: Michael McIntyre Is Coming To Malta

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This is not a drill. 

Britain's biggest comedian, Michael McIntyre, will be performing live in Malta. On the 22nd of April you'll get the chance to experience the comedy genius' hilarious set first hand from the MFCC. 

Brought over by Off The Kerb Productions and G7 Events, the legendary comedian's stop in Malta will be one of many across the globe as he takes his show on the road this year.

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Michael McIntyre, who famously teases his Maltese manager every chance he gets, has sold out shows across the globe and performed an incredible 27 shows at the O2 arena.

"My tour manager, who is the sweetest, smallest Maltese man... went up to the largest Australian security guard and said: excuse me, are you familiar with the phrase Hanky Panky?"

The bad news? He's only here for one night - so you'd better get booking if you want to be in for this night of guaranteed hilarity.

You can buy tickets from ShowsHappening's website starting tomorrow. The show will take place at the MFCC on April 22nd, and will start at 20:30.


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