Police Launch Internal Inquiry After Palestinian Immigrant Injured While Under Arrest

He was one of nine irregular immigrants arrested last night for revolting at the Safi detention centre


Police have launched an internal inquiry after a Palestinian man suffered serious injuries, and required stitches behind one of his ears, while under arrest. 

The Palestinian was one of ten irregular immigrants arrested after a revolt broke out at the Safi Detention Centre at around 8pm last night. In a statement, the police said that the Palestinian had allegedly disobeyed routine orders for a body reach and acted aggressively to police officers.

The statement doesn’t specify the circumstances leading up to the Palestinian’s beating, but confirms he had to be taken to the Floriana Health Centre to receive treatment, including stitches behind one of his ears, for injuries he had sustained at the depot. A magisterial inquiry and an internal inquiry have been set up to investigate the incident. 

Meanwhile, the other nine immigrants - four Tunisians, an Egyptian, a Syrian, a Moroccan, an Iraqi and a Libyan - were charged in court this afternoon with stirring up trouble at the detention centre. They pleaded not guilty but were denied bail on the grounds that they could influence witnesses if they were to be returned to detention. The Palestinian man is expected to be charged separately in the coming days.

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