President Slams Government Plans To Deport Migrants

Coleiro Preca also criticised the 'lack of truth and honesty' in Maltese politics

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Malta shouldn't send back migrants who have been contributing to the island for years, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said this morning in a pointed speech today to mark Republic Day.

After criticising unsustainable development and the "lack of honesty and truth" in Maltese politics, Ms Coleiro Preca zeroed in on the ongoing controversy where failed asylum seekers are being planned to be deported by the government.

She said "those who sell their souls to racism" do not seem to be leaving the door ajar for calm, mature and reasoned discussion

"As the guardian of the Constitution, I believe Malta should continue hosting with love and respect all the people who live among us and visit us. Morally we should not punish those who have spent years helping in the prosperity of our country and being part of our society by sending them back rather than appreciating them. We should continue living our vocation as an international bridge for intercultural dialogue and peace," she said.

Watch the full speech below.

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Chris Peregin