Shocking Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Pour In Against Ħamrun School Teacher

The teacher also allegedly told male students to join in the abuse.

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In a recording published on a mother has claimed that a teacher at the Ħamrun Secondary School has sexually abused her daughter. In the clip, the mother also explains that the teacher incited male students to join in the abuse.

Last night a magisterial inquiry was opened after reports of sexual abuse by the same teacher on female students at the school.

In the clip the mother explains that her daughter "stood up to go outside, when the teacher and three boys began to push her around and shoved her into a corner." 

"They tried to strip off my daughter's clothes and abuse her sexually. One of them was trying to press his penis against my daughter's face." 

"My daughter tried to run out of the class but she fell down as they shoved her again."

Speaking to the head of the school, one girl mentioned another issue she had heard of previously where one girl was stripped naked in class, sexually abused by the teacher and the boys before allegedly taking photos of the girl to put on Facebook.


According to the number of girls who have been abused could be as high as five.

Speaking to the Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that they have acted immedietley to ensure the safety of the children comes first. "Even if these are currently just allegations, we must do everything possible to protect these children."

Despite this, also reports that although the minister only found out about these accusations a few hours ago, parents have known about this alleged abuse for weeks.

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