Teenager Arrested After Trying To Run Over Policeman In Kirkop

The 17-year-old unlicensed driver was caught red-handed driving a stolen vehicle

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A 17-year-old has been arrested after he tried to run down a police officer in Ħal Kirkop last night.

The police said in a statement that an RIU officer had spotted the teenager driving the Nissan March, only a few hours after the vehicle was reported missing in Msida.

When the officer signalled the car to stop, the teenager allegedly tried to run him over but missed his target. The police gave chase and arrested him shortly afterwards. A young woman who was in the passenger seat fled the scene but was arrested shortly afterwards.

The case comes a few months after 17-year-old Liam Debono was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he mowed down police officer Simon Schembri in Luqa, leaving the policeman with serious injuries that forced him to amputate an arm.

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