Tributes Pour In For Civil Rights Campaigner Ramon Casha

Chairperson of the Malta Humanist Association dies from complications linked to a motorcycle accident

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Ramon Casha, a long-standing civil rights activist and the Chairperson for the Malta Humanist Association, has died at age 47 following complications during a surgery performed at Mater Dei. The surgery was linked to an accident Casha was involved in last summer while riding a motorcycle.

The accident left Casha with lingering symptoms despite having occurred over six months ago. Internal problems meant he suffered from cramps and problems with digesting food right up until his surgery today. Casha posted on social media that he was due for an endoscopy procedure to determine the extent of the problem. 

Tributes are pouring in from a his colleagues, family members, followers, fellow activists, and a number of Malta's organisations and NGOs representing minority groups who Casha campaigned for. They all express thanks to Casha for dedicating himself to championing civil rights in Malta. 

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